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Terms & Conditions


•TAT is 5-6 weeks excluding holidays and weekends from date of order (preorder tat begins from date of closing of the preorder.)

•Ollie & Grace Co is not responsible for any packages once USPS is in possession of the item(s).  Priority packages are insured up to $50, additional insurance may be purchased at your expense through Route insurance, which is offered and recommended on every product we have.  If your package gets lost in transit, please open a package inquiry with USPS.  Shipping is broken down into classes. Priority, Express and International.  Priority is available for flat rate prices starting at $14.  Upgraded shipping to two day express is offered, however, Ollie & Grace cannot guarantee arrival by promised date.  USPS is responsible for the packages once they are scanned in at the post office.

•Rhinestone items are epoxied on with two part epoxy to ensure a durable adherence to the item.  Do not drop.  Do not shove into cup holders.  Do not wash in dishwasher or put in microwave.  Hand wash only with dish soap and a soft sponge.  Ollie & Grace Co is not responsible for (a) rhinestone(s) falling off due to mishandling of the item.  If a stone falls off during transit, please email a photo of your item, the packaging, and the rhinestone within 5 hours of opening the package so we can send a return label to fix the item.  

•Care instructions are on the bottom of the tumbler, on the box you receive them in, and on our website.  Please follow proper care instructions to ensure your items last and preserve well over time.

•Due to the nature of the items being handmade and custom ordered (if not ready to ship.) we do not offer or accept refunds or returns.

Please contact us at for questions or concerns.