Terms & Conditions


•As of March 19, 2023 we are moving forward with no turnaround time for all items in the store. This is due to ongoing health issues and a heavy course load for school. We appreciate your grace.

•All items are made to order unless listed as Ready to Ship.  Made to order items will take longer naturally due to order volume.  If design details aren't given, owner and creator will complete the item based on design details given and will make sure the tumbler coordinates nicely.  

•Due to the items being handmade, there will be imperfections.  We pride ourselves on quality control and strive to give the best customer service possible.  If there is an issue with your item(s) please reach out to us via the customer service messaging option on our website. 

•Ollie & Grace Co is not responsible for any packages once USPS is in possession of the item(s).  Priority packages are insured up to $100, additional insurance may be purchased at your expense through Route insurance, which is offered and recommended on every product we have.  If your package gets lost in transit, please open a package inquiry with USPS. Upgraded shipping to two day express is offered at the customer's expense, however, Ollie & Grace Co cannot guarantee arrival by promised date.  USPS is responsible for the packages once they are scanned in at the post office.  Please allow 24-72 hours for the tracking to update.  Tracking may never update passed "pre-shipment" due to USPS not scanning in orders.  If Route insurance was purchased and your item has not moved in over a week, please file a Route Insurance claim.  Ollie & Grace Co cannot help further than this.

•Rhinestone items are epoxied on with two part epoxy to ensure a durable adherence to the item.  Do not drop.  Do not shove into cup holders.  Do not wash in dishwasher or put in microwave.  Hand wash only with dish soap and a soft sponge.  Ollie & Grace Co is not responsible for (a) rhinestone(s) falling off due to mishandling of the item.  If a stone falls off during transit, please email a photo of your item, the packaging, and the rhinestone within 5 hours of opening the package so we can send a return label to fix the item.  

•Care instructions are on the bottom of the tumbler, on a card included in the tumbler, and on our website.  Please follow proper care instructions to ensure your items last and preserve well over time.  Items will not be replaced and/or repaired due to mishandling of the tumbler.  Repair will be done on a case by case basis for a fee.

•Due to the nature of the items being handmade and custom ordered (if not ready to ship.) we do not offer or accept refunds or returns.  If a refund or exchange is offered, there will be a 50% restocking fee.

•Items are handmade with love.  Please expect imperfections and minor blemishes on your items.  If there is an issue with your order inhibiting your use entirely, please reach out within 12 hours of your item being marked as delivered. 

•Non-Disparagement.  By completing my purchase, I agree that I will not disparage or encourage others to disparage the Company by publishing false information about my experience with the Company.  I agree not to denigrate the Company verbally or in writing, and that neither I nor anyone acting on my behalf will publish, post or otherwise release any material written, or electronic format, make speeches, gain interview, or make public statements that mention the Company, its operations, clients, employees, products, or services that are untrue. I agree not to post any issues I may have with the Company in any buyer beware group, or similar group, and if I do, I acknowledge the Company can file suit against me for any damage my post, if it is deemed defamatory by a court, may have caused to the Company.  For purposes of this Agreement, the term disparage includes without limitation comments or statements made in any matter, or medium, in the press and/or the media, about the Company which would adversely affect any manner of the conduct of the business of the Company without limitations to the Company’s business plans or prospects or the business reputation of the Company, beyond posting an honest review.  I agree that if I have an issue with my order, I will contact the Company immediately upon noticing the issue and will work with the Company to amicably resolve the issue.  I understand that nothing in this limits my right to publish an honest review of the product or Company, or my first amendment right to free speech.  

Please contact us at hello@olliegraceco.com for questions or concerns.