Product care


Ollie & Grace Co takes great pride in the products we produce and we want you to enjoy your product thoroughly.  We recommend following the care instructions listed on the website, on the care card included in your package, and on the bottom of your tumbler.

T U M B L E R  C A R E
-Do not wash in the dishwasher.  These should he hand washed only to prevent epoxy from cracking or melting, or breaking the seal on the tumbler itself.
-Do not drop.  Dropping the tumbler can crack the bottom or top rim and create a leak in the seal and allow condensation to seep inside and ruin the tumbler entirely.
-Do not leave in extreme weather or temperatures.  Do not microwave or place in refrigerator/freezer.  Extreme heat or cold can melt or crack the epoxy.

P E N  C A R E
-Do not place pen in mouth.  Although once fully cured it is not considered toxic, epoxy is still a chemical compound and can cause harm if ingested.
-Do not leave in extreme temperatures.  Please do not leave pens in your vehicle in extreme heat or cold.

Ollie & Grace Co is not responsible for damage to items due to mishandling or avoiding proper care instructions.  If there is an issue with your item upon receiving in the mail, please contact us at within 24 hours to come to a solution.