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Glitter By Color Customs

Glitter By Color Customs

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These tumblers are time consuming and require a lot of resources.  Please understand these will be done between other custom orders as well as between live sales and ready to ships.  These will not have a specified turn around time, however it will not exceed the normal 8-10 weeks.  

These are done with a precision tip application bottle and modpodge so they take a lot of time and labor.  The price reflects my time spent (4-30 hours) and costs of supplies.  There is no restriction on theme, however I will choose the graphic and have it approved through you before glittering.  Please send your image to our business Facebook page with your name and order number linked here ( so I can confirm your design details.  

Each cup is hand glittered so imperfections are bound to happen.  If there are flaws that prevent you from using the cup please reach out to our website customer service messaging center for help within 12 hours of your order being marked as delivered. 

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